[AMC-list] Selling original '63 Classic V8
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[AMC-list] Selling original '63 Classic V8

I have a '63 Classic 770 with the 287-2V V8, 22,500 original miles. It is a
survivor (typical dings, surface rust on worn paint) - a black-tag
California card till 1980, inherited by the owner's nephew in Indiana,
bought by me in 2001 and garaged ever since. Looks to have been repainted
(original Palisade Green) sometime in the 1970's. Newer Cooper bias ply
tires. Starts and runs fine (takes off from a light like a bat out of h***),


I am probably going to be looking to sell this for health reasons. Two known
issues are carburetor (needs rebuilt, probably the accelerator pump), also
probably the water pump (screeching from that area of the engine as if
bearings are shot). Question for the group - is it worth me spending time
and money on accelerator and water pump BEFORE I offer it for sale? Or offer
it as is (including a trove of associated Car of the Year literature)?


Any suggestions for a fair asking price? I am more interested in seeing it
go to a good home where it will be driven and loved than I am in making top
dollar on the sale.


Thanks for any thoughts.



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