[AMC-list] The Patrick Holman SCAM warning AMCers sent you $585.75 USD
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[AMC-list] The Patrick Holman SCAM warning AMCers sent you $585.75 USD

If yuu got a email from this dickhead Patrick Holman wanting valve covers, it is a scam you know hope you didn't send him shit. Below is my 'paypal' payment he sent me, of course, red flag is wanting me to send  Moneygram, duh! Its why I have ASSHOLE NIGERIANS file on my site

which of course also includes the $20,000+ in checks I got off craigslists assholes, busting them along the way, for my piece of shit $850 Eagle for sale no one wants except I guess Nigerians who wish to send me 'moneys'

I think the issue here is this email looks so official! They must be getting better computers in Lagos! I just got off phone with paypal, they do NOT do business with MoneyGram either! But this is most official one I have ever got. 
Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days

From: PayPal Customer 
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 4:27 PM
To: eddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: Patrick Holman sent you $585.75 USD

You've got new funds! 

Review your receipt
Status: Pending( Money on hold)

PAYMENT RECEIVEDeddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Payer ID arthurreed400@xxxxxxxxx 
      Order date 09/20/2016
      Payment date 09/20/2016 
      Transaction ID
Paid To :
eddiestakes@planethoustonamx.comDate Description Quantity Unit price Amount 

                                AMC NOS Battery
                                 Moving Agent/Insurance
                                 Money Gram Charges 


      ****** $350.00





      Subtotal $585.75 USD
      Total $585.75 USD

This payment cannot be reversed nor cancel by the payer.


Read Carefully

PayPal Security & Privacy
Issues with this transaction?
This receipt confirms that you have received a merchandise payment of $585.75 USD from Patrick Holman  (arthurreed400@xxxxxxxxx). The money has been deducted from the payer's account and the money is now in our possession, we've placed the money on hold for security reasons against fraudulent activities. 

        In order to get the funds approved in your account, you are required to send the moving/Insurance fee $185.75 USD which was added to this payment from your pocket via Money Gram to the moving agent info provided below before your account is credited, your account will be credited automatically after we receive and confirm the Money Gram transaction receipt from you to be sure that the moving fee is sent to the mover's info below. The money is now in our possession and it cannot be reversed nor cancel by the payer so be rest assured you are safe to send the shipping fee from your pocket.

        Once again DO NOT send the Money Gram transaction online for security reasons, you are required to go to the nearest Local store, Grocery store, Pharmacy, Supermarket, Walgreens, Walmart etc to find Money Gram and send the money to the Mover's info below via Money Gram and after the money is sent you are required to reply back to our representative in-charge of this transaction with a scan copy of the Money Gram transaction receipt or the info needed from the Money Gram transaction receipt which are, Reference #, Sender's Name and Address and Amount Sent for verification and confirmation of the Money Gram transfer transaction in order for us to credit your account with the total sum of $585.75 USD.

Note: As this transaction is done via email, you are required to communicate with our representative in-charge of this transaction via email in order for us to be able to recognize your transaction in our database and help you with your questions, otherwise your transaction won't be recognized if you call us. You will shortly receive an email from the representative in-charge of your transaction.


Moving agent info where money would be sent via Money Gram

          Mover Info:

      Name : Terri Bourne

      City :   Raleigh

      State :  North Carolina

      Post Code : 27605 


                                                 Info Status:     Confirmed  



Thank you For Choosing PayPal Transfer As Your Online Money Transfer.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Wilson


The Transfer Approved.
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