[AMC-list] Fw: 74 Matador Coupe Electrical issue LED conversion
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[AMC-list] Fw: 74 Matador Coupe Electrical issue LED conversion

Tim is having issues with his LED conversion in dash lights, anyone willing to help him out please feel free to reply here, be sure to copy your reply to Tim also, thanks in advance to all who might assist!

Switched my dash and exterior bulbs to all LEDs ; flashers work but turn signals don't; switched to an LED flasher; same thing; installed load resistors; same thing ! Flashers work but not turn signals; put incandescent  bulbs back in dash just on flasher// signal bulbs; same thing; flashers but no turn signals; even has effected my cruise control; works but wont cancel; installed new brake light switch; works but wont cancel !! ????????????????? Thanks ! Tim Klein  snsmgr@xxxxxxxxx
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