[AMC-list] 1977 Hornet AMX Firecracker RED total car with 4 spd. and 6 c
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[AMC-list] 1977 Hornet AMX Firecracker RED total car with 4 spd. and 6 cyl loaded with black interior

Hi- Eddie and family-Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a better new year. Just bought above car this week before weather got worse. Have original title in decreased owner's WI. name-Charles Chasas in 1992. Car stored under large storage shed and has a lot of body rust but it is all there. Flares and bumpers are good but tires are junk with steel wheels and small caps. Has louvers; black underdash  gauges; black console; etc. Don't know condition of full interior since car needs a complete cleaning but it rolls OK. I will put decent tires on it and save original wheels for buyer.   Will sell complete as is for $795 with title and I paid taxes on it. Had several bidders against me so price went up and I thought I had lost it but I won. Can arrange transport if necessary. If not sold as is; then I will part it out for more money. Whole power train is there. No tire kickers wanted.  Wish body was in better shape to restore since I know it is last of AMX Hornets. Just saw AMX 
 package was over #700 in 1977-Wow.
   If you help sell ;I will compensate you some. Also; I got 3 NOS AMC original fenders with curved cut out on rear. One still has parts tag and dirty. Got 2 78/   Spirit-SX/4 Very good hoods with no dents like mine. Will use one and have mine to sell too. Mine has waves ; like some one put something on top of it in a few places. Easy to repair but I don't want it on mine. Will have to spray hot rod black thro. I could use large enough hood scoop to cover my waves but it is what it is. There were other AMC stuff there but you had to buy a lot of JUNK in lot bid and clean out under shed. Too much work and no place to store. I already have 3 storage places and it sure costs a lot. My wife doesn't want me building shed to store in back sloping yard-so it's her choice. 
   Please post sale on site and keep at it . You have the best car site on web even if not that popular since AMC owners are scattered all over the country. I need advice on A/T problem. In 1984 Eagle S/W; I have later Jeep head with Clifford intake with K/D 4V FORD carb with 300 truck accel cable coming in front of carb. But A/T rod doesn't let throttle plates open much and it hangs so engine revs up too high. Have to start with ether and hold open manually. Any better solutions?  Afraid to drive for fear of throttle revving too high. It is a fully loaded LTD wagon with electrics ,etc. Any advice or your parts needed. Thanks   Take care and God Bless   FORDMANTED@xxxxxxx  
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Hey kids, if anyone looking for last minute AMC related Christmas gifts: 
FREE SHIPPING in USA USPS first class Monday morning 12-19-16 on tshirts, 
all posters, amc & jeep dealership flags. I do paypal also. Email me at 
eddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Questions? Ask. Thanks for great AMC year.

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