[AMC-list] F-ing LS1ers.....
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[AMC-list] F-ing LS1ers.....

Okay guy, I need some schooling...  Over in the Full Sized Jeep a bunch of the guys are always wanting to throw LS1s into everything and I keep getting into arguments with them.

My position is: if you took the money needed to swap an LS1, you could build your AMC [360] to be even more powerful, better mpg, etc.   I'm just guessing because I always have put the same type of engine back in vehicles so I don't have to deal with drive-train alignment headaches and what not.

Has anyone done LS1/chevy swaps and can give me real information as to the true cost, part changes and/or modifications needed?

The guys who have built their AMCs: How much did it cost you to get about 300hp  (the rated hp for an LS1), how much hp are you getting, what did you change? What's the max hp an AMC block could deliver?

Educate me.
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