[AMC-list] Happy Birthday Rambler Typhoon & Gremlin, April 1st
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[AMC-list] Happy Birthday Rambler Typhoon & Gremlin, April 1st

Happy Birthday Gremlin & Rambler Typhoon! Both introduced to world on April 1st by American Motors. Off my site: 1970 Gremlin introduction at the New York Auto Show April 1970. AMC was in financial trouble in 1970, suffering a 2nd 1/4 loss of $10 million or 41 cents per share. This, along with the strike affected first 1/4, where they incurred a loss of $15.6 million, resulted in a net loss in the first 1/2 of the fiscal year of a whopping $25 million. The Gremlin was A MAJOR ATTRACTION at this huge show. Gremlin sales EXCEEDED SUPPLY and production had to be increased 30% due to consumer demand!

AND: 64 Rambler Typhoon: The car that the press release lives in infamy about how 'the only race we care about is the human race' then AMC would do a 360 and crank out performance models like AMX, Javelin & SC/Rambler only a few years after saying they frowned upon performance

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