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Re: [AMC-list] Need to convert an emissions carb and EI distributor to dumb versions in a 258...

First off, Thanks Andrew and Jim for the replies...

Prior to '82 the BBD carb on amc 6 cyls didn't have the stepper motor (repops are available of them and MC2100s on evilbay)
    I modded the stepper so it didn't work and drilled the idle tubes then added a TBI fuel filter.
    It ran fine on my 84 J10 but I don't drive much anymore.

The BBD I have on it doesn't have the solenoid motor (my spare 258 has one of those) but, what is does have is 20,145 vacuum ports and nipples that (even though I have a BBD manual) I have no clue how to connect/plug them to make the carb work as a "dumb carb".

I was told that pre-81 BBDs don't have all of these 'emission' ports but, everything I have seen (online) doesn't support this.

I would happily use the BBD if I could figure out which ports to plug and where to connect the other ports.

" 2) What's a direct bolt-on [non-emissions] 2bbl carb that can replace the Carter BBD?
" 2a) If there's not a dumb Carter BBD solution, what parts do I need to mount the Motorcraft 2100?

i don't know off the top of my head, but the bbd is 'small base' and i
believe the motorcraft is 'large base', so you'd need at least an

iirc mopar used a bbd on small v8s for a long time, but with divorced
chokes and not integral like amc.  holleys are usually 'large base'
but they made a carb for mopar in the early '80s to replace the bbd on
318s, and it also has a divorced choke.
Not too worried about the choke, I'll install a manual choke if I have to, I just want it to run without 50 vacuum solenoids and hot gas sensors.

afaik rochester carbs are 'small base'.
    The kits for Jeep 6 with 2 bbl to MC2100 are out there.

I like the 2100s, they are simple and just work.  Anyone know the name of the adapter plate or where I can get one?


Anyone have any suggestions for a 'dumb' small base alternative? Heck, I'd throw a 1BBLs on it if it will work.

the carter 2bbl used earlier on amc sixes is also 'small base' but it
is mounted longitudinally and has shaft linkage, not cable.
The linkage from the pedal to the engine is a cable but, it connects to a linkage assembly that changes it to a simple linkage bar.

" 1) Is there a 'bolt-on' fix to switch the distributor to points? (or a Pertronix type solution)?

yes; an older delco points dist will drop straight in.  the spark
won't be as  hot as your present ford duraspark setup though.

also a drop in is a chevy straight 6 dist, except for the drive gear;
you need one from an amc delco or prestolite [1/2" shaft].  the
duraspark shaft is different [17/32"].  i had a hei on my '68 199 and
it was trouble free.
I'd LOVE to go with a GM style distributor (with the points adjustment door).

1) What's the reason to go with a chevy dist and not a drop in AMC/Ford?
2) If I go chevy, what engine/years should I tell Autozone when I buy the dist?
3) If I go with the chevy, what's the part number for the drive gear?
4) Does the AMC I6 suffer from the same dist gear (being chewed up) problems as the V8s?

5) (THE BIG ONE) Any of you guys that swapped the dist still have the old points one you would like to sell?

  The HEI swap is good, but a pre '74 Ford 6 cyl points dist internals should work in the Motorcraft one on the Jeep 6.
    I had to do that several times in the past with Ford V8s both ways. (Electronic for an FE 390, 351C and points in a 400M)

I know you guys are going to think I'm crazy but, I like points. When they go bad, a simple ohm meter will diagnose the problem.  EI systems can be a nightmare to troubleshoot.   I don't want performance, I just want it to run when I turn the key.


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