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Re: [AMC-list] HOW TO: 2BBL Carter BBD to Motorcraft 2100 replacement on an I6

just got around to reading this.  i agree - looks quite thorough...

" From: A Griffith <>
" Date: Sun, 7 May 2017 16:19:49 -0500
" I found this and it looks complete:
" -------------------
" How to install Motorcraft 2100 in 258 jeep (detail Motorcraft /
" (sometimes called Autolite ) 2100 Carb Install on 258 Jeep
" []
" Power Valve: Be sure to replace the power valve on this carb.
" []
" I have obtained good results using an oem 2 stage power valve. 

good thinking, more flexible and economical than 1 stage.  you want it
closed while cruising but full on at wot.  2 stg gives you a little
bump in between.

holley has a wide variety of 1 and 2 stage power valves, with all
sorts of 'trigger' vac specs.  dunno if motorcraft does also.

" 6. Vacuum hoses - The motorcraft has two ported outlets. One on the
" front, just outside (to drivers side) of the drivers side venturi idle
" control screw. I used this ported outlet for my distributor. There is
" also a ported outlet on the passenger side of the carb base. I am not
" sure if there is any difference between these two.

probably manifold vs. venturi vac.  these go in opposite directions as
throttle and rpm increase.  get the right one for our dist!

" 9. Choke - There was an electric choke assisted by exhaust gas on both
" of the MC2100 I looked at. I tried the Motorcraft electric choke and it
" did not seem to work well so I used the Carter BBD's electric choke by
" removing and reversing the bi-metal coil inside. This worked well till
" temperatures hit -30 degrees and I switched to a manual choke. I found
" the electric came off too fast in these cold temperatures and annoyingly
" came back on after short stops. The manual choke works well.

more research needed here?  maybe there's a motorcraft electric from
another app that would work properly.
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