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Re: [AMC-list] AMC-List--BBD Carburetors and HEI

You have to be careful when you do the gear swap because the Motorcraft ignition gear has a bigger hole and will wobble on the GM HEI shaft and wipe out itself and the cam gear.

I recall the first year of HEI was '74 on the inline 6 GM motors. 250 and 292 until the last GM inline 6 in '85 or so (I think the G series vans were the last)
   They had an in cap coil and external coil on the same base with different cap/rotor styles and pickup coil as well as harness was different.

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I would jump on this offer.  I ran a BBD with a swapped-in GM HEI on a
1983 Concord with 258 for a few years.  It was my daughter's first car.
The HEI came from a 1979 (I think) Chevy 250 I-6.  I had to replace the
driven gear at the tip of the HEI distributor with the gear that came
off if the Concord's distributor.  The electrical connections were
simple, and they bypassed the computer.  The installation put the BBD
into a kind of an average, all-around driving setting and the stepper
motors were never again operative.  The Concord ran much more reliably
afterward, eliminating the hesitation (and sometimes killing the engine)
on starting from a traffic light.  It passed emissions better with the
HEI and bypassed computer than it had with the original setup.
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