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[AMC-list] john elle

I got a call from John Elle's relatives in New Zealand that he had a stroke other day (May 2017). Seems he never really recovered from losing Valerlie Fleming last year, sort of broken heart thing. It was a long conversation, and John is being moved to assisted facility in Arizona where he lived.

The family is going to do some sort of estate sale. So his beloved Hornet Sportabout with 350V8, his family's Mark Donohue Javelin have had since new, other projects, cars, parts, home, everything in it, will be going. I was told that his health if fine but the stroke cratered his mind. Proceeds of his collection will benefit the family and pay for his caring.

To that extent, for many of you who know John, especially on the old amc-list from years ago, then facebook, his enthusiasm was second to none and he was always trying to help out fellow AMC fans with advise! I didn't know he was 78 years old, I thought he was about 60. I also didn't know Valerie had passed away, yikes, what a nice lady she was, used to hang out with her at AMC National events in Kenosha drinking beer until wee hours of morning in host hotel parking lots!

Ya'll say a prayer or two for John. He is old school good AMC guy. When the family in southern California (or New Zealand) contacts me about the estate sale I will be happy to spread the word in case someone interested, as I told the relative I would do, as have big Texas mouth.
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