[AMC-list] Adam West aka Batman passes away
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[AMC-list] Adam West aka Batman passes away

Well, joining Roger Moore in heaven who died recently is now Adam West, who was 88 and better known as Batman from the 1960s tv series. He passed away June 9th, 2017 sadly. It was not Joker, or King Tut, or even annoying Robin who did him in. Just age I guess.

Some of you will remember in the Batman episode with King Tut, Angela Dorian, the Playboy model who won the Playboy Pink AMX, starred in that episode, I believe another. So AMC related!

Thanks for the Bat memories.

I have a file dedicated to Angela Dorian aka Victoria Vetri on my site & American Motors involvement with Playboy, called MISSION AMX, lots of stuff in it you might have never seen

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