Re: [AMC-list] 4.9 Engine
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Re: [AMC-list] 4.9 Engine

" From: Ed Forrest <edwforrest@xxxxxxxxx>
" Does anyone have an idea how many horses this 'stroker'  engine delivers?
" I realize there are many possible configurations...but assume a "step up"
" cam.   Is it as high as 300?  More like 200?

as they're usually based on the 190-hp 4.0, i'd say 200 is too low,
and as it takes more than just a 258/4.2 crank in a 4.0 block to get
to 4.9, 300 would be closer to the mark, though i don't know if it'd
actually get quite that high.

now that i've said that, i vaguely recollect that back in the early
'90s, jeep comanche factory race team engines were in the 300s...

this whole topic was thoroughly thrashed on the 'strokers' yahoogroups
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