[AMC-list] cheap hot wheels inc amc & jeep
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[AMC-list] cheap hot wheels inc amc & jeep

I have about 500 new Hot Wheels on ebay thru Dec. 18th. Most $1.49! From AMX to Zamac chrome cars. Tesla, Hellcat Chargers & Challengers, Jetsons & Jeeps, Vipers, Fire Trucks, Wreckers, Datsuns, Indycars, Mustangs, Barracuda, Lincoln, Scooby Doo van, helicopters, Super Mario, Ambulance & Rescues, Mazda, School Buses, Porsches, Acura, Dodge Daytonas, Batmans, lots of motorcycles, and pick up trucks, Lamborghini & NFL Cadillas Escalades, GTO, Bentley, Olds 442s, Chrysler 300, Firebirds, Tco Trucks, Toyota & Tanks, Ram, Hudson Hornet, Nova, Bronco 4x4, DeLorean, Boats, Willys $ 57 Chevy, some 20 years old, others 2-5 years old, but CHEAP. Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer or add to your collection! This is main link to them all.


Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days
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