[AMC-list] $250,000 AMC Matador coupe
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[AMC-list] $250,000 AMC Matador coupe

Saw this on ebay, funny! This is actual link,

this is my comments on the Barn Finds link
Seriously ya'll. It is a nice Matador coupe. Nothing "holy grail" about it. If it was a "real" 401 4 speed 74 Matador would be a M & Z coded VIN car. It is NOT. For you brand x folks, rarity does not equate market value when it comes to AMC. Here is a 1 of 1 made 68 AMX that sold for whopping $6500

The Ben Carco AMC Dealership AMX two seater, only one painted that color. My site is loaded with stuff like this. Or with only 74 total production 1970 AMX two seater in big bad green produced, maybe one of 12-20 with Shadow Mask, you could have had this beauty at Mecum Auction Houston for $18,000

My own uber low miler Matador coupe Barcelona was used for World Premier of Blast From The Past movie with Alicia Silverstone, Brandon Frasier, Christopher Walken & Sissy Spacec. I sold this beauty for $4200
that car went to New York, to the Steven Green Collection, you can search you tube for 'steven green auction' and see it. Oh. And see Dick Teague's, one of one made 78 Matador coupe: ONLY Matador coupe made in triple white, LAST Matador coupe produced, and given to legendary auto designer Dick Teague by employees in 1978. 6600 documented miles, HUGE paper trail and photos of it going down line. Sold a couple of years ago for $34,000.

There WERE 1971 Matador Machines built, about 68 of them, 3 known to exist, and yes, were 401 4 speeds, but some 360s also

There were not very many Matador coupes made with 401V8s, you can see how many in the PRODUCTION FIGURES on my site

But it still does not make it holy grain anything even on a good day. There were many, many "AMC Regional Dealership Specials" and "Dealership conversions" I have a slew of them shoved into the AMC Badger Javelin file, but there is also Randall 401 XR Gremlins, Von Piranah AMXs, Droke Brothers, Ambassador Yellow Jackets, Hornet Yellow Jackets, Canadian 'Green Hornets' Rebel Mariners, Briarcliffe & Westerner wagons, Rebel Raiders, too much to list here but many of those documented on my site in here

Matador coupes are a extremely tough market, they are nice cars, but really hard to find anything for, virtually zero reproduction items too. I don't believe this one would be a $25,000 car on a good day. Just my honest opinion, but have owned 392 AMCs since 1976, never owned a brand x anything and drive them DAILY in Houston, Texas, 11 currently

You can file the Matador coupe for sale there with $250K price tag with the 72 'herpes' Javelin that has been for sale for years in Houston guy wanted $100,000K for it to which legendary actress Piper Laurie tells Sissy Spacek in Carrie movie "they all going to laugh at you' get em momma

PS a 69 Super Stock AMX, only 52/53 made, considered pretty much real 'holy grails' of AMC one sold in 2016 for $75,000. Happy AMC Hunting! Eddie Stakes' Planet Houston AMX www.planethoustonamx.com
Eddie Stakes
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