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[AMC-list] who all on the amc-list

I am still here, and occasionally post stuff. Also started a facebook group which has about 4200 people in 1 year. There ws no place for 68-70 Javelin people to really go, there is a 68-70 AMX group, 71-74 AMX group, so I started AMC aMX & Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

and it sort of took off. I still remember this amc-list in heyday, there were some wars when first joined, could not believe such a nice medium used in late 1990s with the 'what is a real amx' wars, holy crap, I went to sports bar & got online and read it and forwarded my reply to Fred Koos who was the Alamo AMC president at time, and he posted it, and 'war' stopped.

Lots of good information spread on here thru years, biggest disadvantage is no photos. Ron Akerman has a DVD/CD from all the list posts for over decade, I believe he still sells them but might not be on this site anymore. It sort of quietly got abandoned when list owner Jim Stone sold his AMX many years ago, then Frank Swygert took it over, but he might not be here either, he quit doing his AIM American Motors Independent magazine in 2017.

In the meantime we have lost a LOT of good AMCers who used to be on here. Vendors also, I try to keep my AMC VENDORS list current & they come & go but still heavily accessed file on my site

We lost Gary Timmerman of Gateway AMC recently (Saint Louis AMO) & also Jock Jocewicz the President of NAMDRA (National American Motors & Drivers Association) died in February 2018. That club is dead in water, used to have over 2000 members & he used to post all the time here. The Rambler Club AMCRC quit doing national meets due to 'lack of interest' WTF! moment! They still out there www.amcrc.com for info, still do regionals just not big national event anymore.

Anyways, I am still here, 34th year I business too. Ya'll keep driving, showing, racing your AMC vehicles, and even if you don't feel urge to post, maybe sometimes you see something on craigslist, ebay, for sale, post the link so everyone left here knows you still AMCing....
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