[AMC-list] new Hey Javelin! bumper sticker
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[AMC-list] new Hey Javelin! bumper sticker

Hey Javelin! Beautiful orange, blue & white bumper sticker emblem with the goldfish bowl. In 1967 with release of new ponycar Javelin, American Motors New York Ad Agency Wells, Rich & Green came up with this great commercial about new Javelin owner everyone wants to race on the street "but I have a bowl of goldfish on front seat" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB3FCInATuU which appeared in all major markets on all channels, wait for end of commercial, ha ha!

Here is your chance to get a LIMITED PRODUCTION 11" x 3" colorful vinyl bumper sticker associated with that commercial 50 years ago! Whether you own a Javelin, AMX, or any other AMC, this would look great on the bumper, or inside your office, man cave, dorm, pool room, ect. FREE SHIPPING in large envelope in USA, Canada & overseas, please use ebay calculator. I ship worldwide since 1983.

Eddie Stakes
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