[AMC-list] 68 Javelin trunnion and spring tool
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[AMC-list] 68 Javelin trunnion and spring tool

So a few years back I bought some reman trunnions from Kennedy American and
I finally got around to putting them on (ya it was like 8 years ago!!) and
the thing is total junk. looks like someone threw some welds on the inside
and in there and tried to hit it with a grinder...needless to say.. the
wheel was way out of  whack when i put it back together.

Haven't called them or american performance yet to see about getting
another one yet.  Any recommendations from the list or anyone have a good
one to sell?

Also I was scared to death when i put the spring back in the first time and
I really don't want to do it again with the two piece compressor,  Does
anybody know if they make a better one with a guard on it or something so I
don't die putting this things back together?

Greg DePratt
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