Re: [AMC-list] amc eagie restormod on ebay
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Re: [AMC-list] amc eagie restormod on ebay

" From: "Eddie Stakes" <eddie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
" This Eagle was 'restomodded'; by one of the automotive reality shows. I like 
" it, just don't get it. In the early 1980s there was a company in Milwaukee 
" taking AMC Eagles & removing the front transaxle, and anything 4WD, and 
" dropping in AMC 360 4 barrel, 727 transmissions in them.

so basically they turned the eagle into a lifted concord...?

" About 12-25 of them 
" made. I do not remember the company though, but about 10 years ago, one 
" popped up for sale in Old Cars Weekly for $3K and I had great, lengthy chat 
" with owner & seller about it.That would be one Grocery Getting Eagle with a 
" 360/AT. So this Eagle has a Ford engine. I LOVE AMC customs and have 2 
" myself. Still. I don't get it on this car which is now on ebay. Why spend 
" whole episode & time, effort to do that? It has been for sale for over 2 
" years.

that does sound silly, but sometimes folks do things just b/c they
have stuff laying around.

i'll admit i haven't particularly looked, but i haven't heard of an
eagle 4.0 or stroker.  it should be an easy job; up to the late-'90s
redesign the block still had the diff mount bosses on it even though
they were never used.  it still had the rambler-era angled oil filter
boss too.  otoh the '00s block still has all the bosses for earlier
4.0 things at least, though on mine they weren't drilled/tapped.

a 4.0 or stroker won't make 360-level torque without a turbo, but it
can make plenty of ponies and you can keep your 4wd.
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