Re: [AMC-list] John Elle passes away
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Re: [AMC-list] John Elle passes away

Dang it. Fourth death among friends and aquaintances this month. 


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Many of you who might still be on this amc-list will remember John Elle in 
Arizona who was a huge, and frequent contributor to this amc-list for many, 
many years. He had been in some hospice care since Aug 2018 and I just got 
word from one of his relatives he died September 26th, 2018. Will sure miss 
him as I used to send a lot of questions his way I could not answer like for 
Ramblers, non AMX & Javelin stuff. And he was always gracious to reply & try 
to help out people. Real irony here as I was posting about the 1970 AMC 
Rebel funeral hearse on ebay...I got the word that he had died. How strange 
is that.
1970 AMC Rebel funeral hearse. Just in time for Halloween.
Note right hand drive.

I'm sure old friend John is laughing and had something to do with that! 
Please keep him and his family in your prayers, we lost a good guy.
Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days 

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