[AMC-list] John Elle
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[AMC-list] John Elle

It's sad to hear of John Elle's passing.  He ended up with a number of parts from my mother's 1974 Hornet.  It had been in showroom condition until she turned left in front of a minivan in Phoenix in 1998.  John got the front seats, the spring perches and some other items.  When my mother still had the car in California, my recently deceased cousin who then ran a high end European car repair shop (think Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, etc.) looked after her car.  He managed to get two of the last NOS spring perches for her car.  They had less than 10K miles on them when I dismantled her wrecked Hornet.  I gave them to John, although he offered to pay for them.  The Concord I was rebuilding for my daughter didn't need them.

John had forgotten more about AMCs than most people ever knew. How we met John is an amusing story, perhaps for another time.

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