[AMC-list] LA-Based Member?
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[AMC-list] LA-Based Member?

It has easily been 15 years since I bought an American station wagon from a
member in Los Angeles.

I am guessing 2004-2006?

It was a great vehicle, a "movie" car with a bunch of different colors
brush-painted for each movie.

Anyway, it wasn't much to look at but made it all the way back to Georgia
before the clutch cratered.

And, it was well worth the $350 I paid for it!!!

Anyway, I want to know if he is still on the list or if anyone can jog my
memory as to his name? He was
very active on the list and very knowledgeable and a skillful mechanic.

Alternatively, I need to know of a list member in the Anaheim area who can
pick up a motorcycle for me
and hold for about a week?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Jay (in Arkansas)
- 66 American Convertible
- 67 American Convertible
- 69" American Wagon
- 69 Javelin
- 73 Matador Wagon

Jay Honeycutt
Director  Business Engineering

p: 800-933-0045 m: 617-401-7212
w: www.buseng.com e: jay@xxxxxxxxxx


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