[AMC-list] Veterans Day 2018
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[AMC-list] Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day 2018. Thanks to all the veterans who have proudly served, past, present & future. My dad, Homer T. Stakes was a Veteran of WWII. I have no photos of him in uniform, do not know if he won any medals or honors, it is something he didn't want to talk about. And anything he might have had, including uniform, was destroyed in hurricane Celia, Aug 3rd, 1970 in Corpus Christi when out roof caved in. He was a Navy man & loved going to the Navy Relief Festival in CC on the base every year. Seemed to take him back to another time. I can't tell you if that was good or bad, but he sure liked going to the base, which was about 25 miles from our house on north side of Corpus Christi.

With that being said, it is going to freeze tonight in Houston. And many of you know while I never served, I am really fond of feeding Homeless Veterans in Houston! Is against the law you know but many of you know what I think of that law and it starts with capital letter F. Well, many of these homeless veterans are out in the elements when it gets mighty cold (freezing or below) and a number of them don't want anyone to intervene or help, but there are places for them to go like Star of Hope, hot meals, cots and heat.

So I guess in Homer T. Stakes sunrise June 1st, 1926; sunset October 30th, 2005 memory, if you have some spare time, please go donate it at a shelter for these folks. Or go to dollar store pick up some small blankets to pass out to them. Or do like I do, I can make 5 pounds of food for $5 and feed a mess of them, good stuff too! A lot of Veterans need help in 2018.... and beyond. God Bless all Veterans & thank you for serving this country. Miss you poppa.

Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days
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