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Re: [AMC-list] the domain....

sorry all for the slow response.

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On Monday, December 24, 2018 2:35 PM, A Griffith <> wrote:

> The various FB pages and AMCForum is okay but, there's ALOT of noise on them (e.g. How much is my granddad's Hornet worth?  Can I put an LS in it?).  This mailing list (for me) has always been a place for "hardcore answers".  Not a lot of traffic but, good info.

the AMCForum seems to be the inheritor of the collective AMC energy. i find the noise level low, and where it exists, easily ignored. newbies need our help! we all were them, once! (though some are clearly worse off than others i admit... :-)

it's sensibly administered, and yes, photos. but also threads, so when someone askes a common question that got answered ("whats my disc brake options for a 1776 Rambler" etc) you can oint 'em to a thread.

plus photos.

you'd all be assets there.

email has fallen by the wayside, too much spam.

but for things like tech stuff, with lore, techniques, parts..., it lacks the continuity of a forum, or website. something useful arrives, and we each have to save it individually.

i stick mainly to the 6-cylinder engine (mostly my built 195.6 OHV these days (dick dotson would s**t bluebirds)), transmission and suspension boards. sometimes the others. parts wanted and for sale are good, as are events.

pretty much everyone's well behaved.

i do occasionally refer to the forum as "the amc list", lol.


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