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Re: [AMC-list] The List

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On Tuesday, December 25, 2018 4:32 AM, Bruce Hevner <390scrambler@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I Took a look and the first time I was on the list was 16 years ago!!! The
> list has been a GREAT resource over the years but,,,times change. As has the
> AMC hobby. Every year sees fewer and fewer cars AND enthusiasts. FB has
> pretty much taken over EVERYTHING (good OR bad). If it's going to cost I say
> let it die. BUT,,,,BE SURE to have a good backup for archive. There is a TON
> of good information in the list!! But HEY,,,,,,,,that's just ME,,, you're
> mileage may vary, and probably will.
> Bruce Hevner

while i can see the value in facebook, connecting with far flung folks, especially from the past, it's such a corporate cesspool i can't stand it. i have a "secret" account with zero "friends" that i use to look at events and such. i wish groups wouldn't use it so exclusively its not hard to have a simple public web page.

the AMCForum has no ads. and it's paid for and run by AMC folk. done and done. site is well maintained and well run.

it could use some more grouchy experts.

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