[AMC-list] John Elle's Cars
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[AMC-list] John Elle's Cars

Eddie Stakes wrote:

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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 08:36:20 -0600
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Subject: Re: [AMC-list] amc-list & the late john elle
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Tom & others who might still be on the amc-list here before shuts down (?)
should you want to get ahold of Bruce Elle, his facebook ID is

The late John Elle's cars with exception of I believe the Mark Donohue 70
Javelin, the others went to New Zealand where I believe he is at. He wanted
to finish one or two in John's Elle's memory as John went downhill fast &
never go to finish several AMCs. I don't remember last time I spoke with
John, but we used to go back and forth on stuff, in a good way.
Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days

Eddie, thanks for this information.  I had wondered what became of John's cars.  He lived about two miles from my house.  Not long after my mother totalled her showroom condition 1974 Hornet in 1998, I dismantled it.  Many of the parts went into a 1983 Concord I bought for my daughter.  But a substantial number of parts from the Hornet went to John, including a pair of lightly-used front spring perches, the front seats and some other items.  The seats were a match for a Hornet that John was restoring.  My mother, then 82 years old, got to meet John when he came to pick up the spring perches.  John asked the price for them.  My reply was, of course, that there was no cost for them.

If my mother was still alive, she'd be 102 and terribly amused to learn that parts of her Hornet live on now in New Zealand and in the capable hands of John's son.

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