RE: [gremlintime] ? about my Hornet
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RE: [gremlintime] ? about my Hornet

All AMC's in reference to interiors, had matching or coordinating colors, such as with your car, if the seats are green and tan, then the headliner could either be green or tan, if it was one solid color, then it would all be that color. your hornet sounds to me like it was a designer series, I am not sure which one, but you might want to research this and let us know your findings.

77 Hornet Sportabout X

From the Desk of Gremlin 98 ®

From: "Mary" <amcgremmy@xxxx>
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Subject: [gremlintime] ? about my Hornet
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 13:43:17 -0000

Does anyone know when they made the '73 Hornet Sportabout, if the
headliner and the interior were the same color?
My Hornet has an offwhite headliner (looks original, but not sure)
and green plaid seats, green carpet, and dash, etc. is also green.
Mary :)
'77 Gremlin
'73 Hornet Sportabout

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