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[Amc-list] caspers cancer - "Stand at Ease" -

k Stohler, .. here we go:

Take Casper off those stands it's on - balance the Tire Air Pressures,
then let it sit & stabilize itself -
roll it back & forth in a day or two & let it sit.

Pull the interior out.

If you've a friendly woodworker - house builder - cabinet maker available,
someone who works with  Leveling Tools alot & understands twist this fixes that,
make that call.  

Ask them to come over & take a look at a project you
have - show them the door clearances - point out the rusted
thru areas so they know where the geometric flex distortion is originating from.

Have 8 or 10 jack stands available - and - a table saw with scrap Hardwood
at the ready.

Under the watchful eye of your Woodworker, make & Shim the car's geometry until the doors are closing correctly again -  what ever it takes using extra jack stands, wood blocks & shims.

In areas that you will be replacing metal - jack & shim on either side
of the repair area - don't leave ;leveraged gaps; that will cause
structures to shift once a cut has been made.

When the car is shimmed & stabilized & doors are fitting again, assuming
it isn't bum hinges to begin with, pull the doors off.

Tack weld in x braces in the door jambs tying them together 
& X braces across the front seat area roof door jamb to sill..
B pillar to B pillar.

Look for pictures of Convertibles having bracing put in prior
to frame off restoration - they also tack in bracings from firewall back
to area above rear axle  and  more, so search  around Google
for restoring a convertible, frame off convertible restoration

This initial Phase is the most Tedious in terms of deciphering
where to jack & shim.. cutting tube & tack welding in these
lengths as bracing goes down quickly, so do get someone
with leveling experience to suss out the geometry while you
do the grunt work of fabbing shims & working jacks.

Use Hardwood for shimming & jacking the car upon..
Softwoods like 2x4 Pine will crush slowly & yesterdays
perfect shimming will become todays unsettle ling nightmare.

With a Hardwood Shims - you'll need to jockey jack stand heights
initially so shim thicknesses will be from 5/8" and up.

Test the crush value of the Hardwood by putting it on 
a hydraulic jack pedestal & jacking until the car begins
to lift on it.

Measure the crushed thickness & use that figure deducting
it from the initial shim thickness for Shimming.

If you've a machine shop handy you could have some
metal shim stock cut up for shimming - again - talk with
your Woodworker Builder friend as to their take on it.

Don't 'Freak Out' :]  

Gathering up the supplies is the time consuming - 

With a Talented Eyeball friend calling the shots you'll
be ready to pull the doors & tack weld the bracing in two days time.

1981 series50

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well, i opend the right door of casper, and noticed that it didnt shut. the doors were PERFECT shutting. although the left door was a little lower at the back of the door than the body. never could get it to loosen up so i could adjust it. anyway, the pass. door was always perfect. now, it was sitting higher. i got to looking if i had jackstands uneaven. well, i have 2 different brands of jackstands. and i got them cady cornered in the pairs. x in right rear and left front, xx in left rear and right front. well, i got them placed xx in rear, and x in front. now the right front corner (both jackstands with 2 teeth showing, just enough to get tires off the ground) is not resting on the jackstand. about 1/2" gap between the crossmemeber and jackstand. did i make a BIG BOO BOO, or will it maybe flatten back out?? i think all that rust has my chassis a little weak. i cant beleive it never showed. i.e. fender gaps changing, doors always moving ect. this is my
 first car that has had any kind of risk to the chassis. so im not sure what im doing. and yes, my garage floor is level. no low spots or one corner lower than the other. had levels on it, and also when i pressure wash it out. no puddles and can see if all eaven across the floor till i sweep it out....

dave stohler
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