Re: [Amc-list] caspers cancer (was wwyd??)
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Re: [Amc-list] caspers cancer (was wwyd??)

Wrambler242@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>    I've never seen a 62 apart and close up, so I don't really know what it should or should not have done or what rust is a structural issue. I would have loved to got that car Jerjan offered up, but can't retrieve such a thing. I like the looks of the 62 and maybe someday I'll stumble over a nice one. Maybe not.

I miss my 62 Ambassador 400. I know this is almost crazy, but if you 
find a 62 Ambo 400 that has small holes cut into the rockers, under the 
aluminum sill trim panels, that was mine :-)

I mention that because when I got it (this was like 1974...) it was a 
rust-free Colorado car, and I lived on Cape Cod... I took the front 
fenders off, cut access holes (small) in the sills, flushed them clean 
with a hose, opened the drains, then gooped everything I could reach, 
inside and out, with aerosol Heavy Gear Lube and some waxy stuff (in a 
pale green can... still picture it) used aboard ships. I wonder if all 
that stuff lasted. It was originally pea green (two tone?), I repainted 
it white with red. Pushbutton auto, PS, PB, no AC...

There weren't that many 62 Ambassador 400's...
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