Re: [AMC-list] Chrysler Turbine Cars in crusher
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Re: [AMC-list] Chrysler Turbine Cars in crusher

Well, there was a much better reason fro Chrysler to crush those cars than let them out into the public. They had those very experimental turbines and would have been difficult, if not impossible, to maintain. I suppose they could have sold them as-is with no warranty, but problems could have been worse for the company.

They were built at least partially under a government grant. The grant may have required the cars to be destroyed or otherwise disposed of, not sold to the general public. They were given to particular people to drive around in public to judge their suitability, but those were specially selected individuals and Chrysler did all maintenance on the cars. I don't recall the details, I'm sure with a little searching they can be found, the cars are rather notorious!

55 were built, only nine survived.

Frank Swygert
Editor - American Motors Cars Magazine

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