Re: [AMC-list] I6 Engines.... Why did the starter move around?
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Re: [AMC-list] I6 Engines.... Why did the starter move around?

   The one year only small bell '71 258 could have used the Nailhead TH400 adapter set used on the 232 in a few full size Jeeps pre '71 as it tore up the small BW automatic transmissions and small diameter clutch discs too.
   One of the FSJ guys last year sold the 232 motor and Nailhead th400 trans (hopefully a Rambler guy got it and not a Spokane scrap yard), but we did get a picture to prove it was the early one (starter on left with adapter ring)

 That aside, the IH guys with AMC 6 (232) bet me there was no such thing as the small bell 258 several years ago.

   The few IHs with AMC 401 and 727 used a Delco (Chev) style starter on the right that should directly swap with the Motorcraft (Ford) one aside from the built in solenoid.

   Hopefully this makes sense as I'm still recuperating from whatever poison shut my thyroid off about this time last year, ruined my health and messed my memory up. I had to sell our mobile home and my running vehicles (still have a couple full size projects to sell as well as our cabin and an Isuzu NPR diesel that was going to be fixed and swapped into a Full Size Jeep)

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" From: A Griffith <<>>
" Does anyone know why on some 232/258 the start is on the driver's side and on others it's on the passenger side?

the starter switched sides in '72 coincident with the six adopting the
v8 bellhousing pattern.  the only early-style 258 was the first year,

" Some are GM and some are Ford.  What's the deal?

whatever they got the best deal on.  up to '68 they were delco, but in
'69 - with the same early-style small bellhousing - they were
motorcraft.  dunno if they ever went back.
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