Re: [AMC-list] I6 Engines.... Why did the starter move around?
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Re: [AMC-list] I6 Engines.... Why did the starter move around?

" From: Jim Blair <carnuck@xxxxxxxxxxx>
"    The one year only small bell '71 258 could have used the Nailhead
" TH400 adapter set used on the 232 in a few full size Jeeps pre '71 as
" it tore up the small BW automatic transmissions and small diameter
" clutch discs too.

now i have to chime in about clutches...	:^>

the standard clutch on the early-bell sixes was a 9 1/8" with a
small-pattern pressure plate.

however, the 199/232/258 flywheel was also drilled and tapped for the
10" pattern, and in amc cars there was a 10" hd option, even with the
15/16" x 10 spline input.  it was even used with 2bbl 304s and t14s in
the early '70s.  [did jeeps have something like this?]

there are 2 problems with them in sixes: the pp must be an actual 10";
the small bellhousing will not clear a 10.5" b&b [ask me how i know],
which is the common universal replacement, and - in my american, at
least - it has a longer throw, barely within the linkage's range.

i used to have the p/n for the perfection brand 10" pp, but it's
probably been obsoleted and replaced with their 10.5" by now.

the diapragm type of pp has a lower profile and would likely not have
the clearance problem a 10.5" b&b [coil-spring] type has, but i don't
know if it has more or less travel.  more would be a problem, but if
it works it opens up the possibility of 10.5" or even '10.95"'

there's another possible option.  mopar slant sixes only take
small-pattern clutches, but there's an hd setup very widely used for
decades, in small trucks and vans at least, and which first appeared in
late-'60s cars with 273 v8s.  it's a b&b-style pp that fits the 9 1/8"
pattern but takes a 10" disk, and afaik it even uses the same to
bearing as amc cars.

some fwd cars also have had the 9 1/8" clutch pattern, and the
performance industry has come up with 9.5" diaphragm clutches for

if either of these last two work at all, they would also work on 196s.

and just btw and fyi, the small clutch flywheel pattern is 6 x 5/16" x
10 5/16", and the medium pattern is 6 x 3/8" x 11 3/8", sae unf iirc.
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