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Re: [AMC-list] BBD Carburetors and HEI--Dist Gear

The TFI upgrade works well too, but only if you aren't having issues with the old wiring or system. I have ran both points system (with quality components and wires) and Motorcraft ignition with the bigger cap, brass contacts by using a higher output coil (NAPA/ Echlin number IC12 or IC12SB)
   The upgraded spark from this compared to stock points coil or the T connector with horseshoe plug coil which is prone to corrosion and intermittent issues is quite nice. Especially when starting in wet winter conditions.
   The GM HEI just makes it simpler for wiring if your spark knock and timing control as well as the BBD computer isn't working right.

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Eagles already had the most critical part of the high-output ignition system. No need for all the potential trouble
of changing distributors. Just add the high power Ford parts to your original dizzy and you're done. All the power and none of the trouble. :)

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