Re: [AMC-list] BBD Carburetors and HEI--Dist Gear
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Re: [AMC-list] BBD Carburetors and HEI--Dist Gear

TFI is slightly different in that it uses a non-stock style coil. 
With the older can style coil, the setup looks way more 'factory' than any GM HEI. 


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right at the beginning of this thread, i wrote that the motorcraft
shaft is 17/32" while the prestolite and delco - both points and hei -
are 1/2", and that i used my old points delco gear on my 'new' hei.

ken ames is right about the duraspark upgrade for the motorcraft dist;
i found the info with a search for 'tfi tuneup'.

" From: Matt Shumaker <mshumaker@xxxxx>
" What Jim Blair wrote sounds correct.  I made this swap in 1999 or so I 
" think.  (Where does the time go?)  So my memory is not exact.  I may 
" have bought a purpose-made distributor gear that fit on the GM 
" distributor.  I recall that the distributor gear I used was a tight fit 
" with no wobble.  1999 was a time when many of the AMC cars with BBD 
" carburetors were still on the road, so the HEI conversion had become a 
" sort of cottage industry.  I bought my conversion from an online source 
" that had been linked from the old AMX-Files website and list.
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" >
" > From: Jim Blair <carnuck@xxxxxxxxxxx>
" >
" > You have to be careful when you do the gear swap because the Motorcraft ignition gear has a bigger hole and will wobble on the GM HEI shaft and wipe out itself and the cam gear.
" >
" > I recall the first year of HEI was '74 on the inline 6 GM motors. 250 and 292 until the last GM inline 6 in '85 or so (I think the G series vans were the last)
" >     They had an in cap coil and external coil on the same base with different cap/rotor styles and pickup coil as well as harness was different.
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