[AMC-list] Day 25-27 after hurricane Harvey in Houston
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[AMC-list] Day 25-27 after hurricane Harvey in Houston

Day 25 after hurricane Harvey. Debris piles up in Houston, tons of it. My pile has grown. Discovered 82 Concord took branch to upper right 1/4 good dent. discovered 71 SC/360 Hornet took branch to roof, took out windshield, good "V" in roof, was under tarp so didn't notice. Heavy rain 3+ inches, so out come towels in garage & water heater. Day 26 after Harvey. Farmers Insurance guy comes by, gets on roof, takes few photos tells me my deductible is $3600 and 'I didn't see any hurricane damage on roof' and leaves. So now waiting for Farmers to get back in touch with me. Quicken Loans calls, asked 'how are you doing' and I told here 'suicidal and depressed' so conversation went on. We will see if can intervene.

Sold my AMX Trendsetter pipes on ebay for $800. A part of my AMC soul went with them to Wisconsin sadly. Sigh. Applied for FEMA loan. Denied since I have homeowners insurance. So waiting to see what else can do there, maybe SBA loan. Applied for $400 Red Cross giving out to everyone in Houston, and hurricane affected areas, no word back. Day 27 after Harvey...rains AGAIN 3 inches, the construction in front of house continues but am getting use to smell of hot asphalt but floods ditches, and well thunderstorms blew off my FEMA tarps again.

I discovered sealed beam headlights float in my back yard! I still have the Planet Houston AMX GofundMe account open should anyone wish to donate & God Bless all who have & those who have sent checks and money orders too. https://www.gofundme.com/planet-houston-amx-hurricane-harvey

Also added 2 more AMC decals to the $4 specials on ebay buy it now free shipping, thanks to all who have picked up some neat collectible decals & $4 may not seem much, but it does add up & 1/4 of cost of KILZ paint! http://www.ebay.com/sch/eddiestakes/m.html

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