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Re: [AMC-list] amc decals & stickers cheap

Hi Eddie and family - tried to use PP for your GFM since I don't post C/C on site since we had to change account 3 times due to scammers/hackers. We will send private donation check to your home address this week. I know very well how bad flooding can be. Remember we had Allison dump 38" of rain in 24 hours on our home and business  in 2001. We have lots of family still there and they are OK. My brother ,George, is helping those with flood damage as we did in Katina/Rita mess. Houston and coastline gets hit hard every 10/15 years it seems. 
  Eddie- how much for two Ropel/Kenosha car stickers and 1981/1983 extra service manuals to go with my original SM. Let me know and I will buy. Can send thru PP. We pray for all coastline residents who got hit by Harvey for relief  and we have churches doing the same. Appreciate your amazing site and postings. Take care and God Bless 
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