Re: [AMC-list] Houston ice storm 2018
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Re: [AMC-list] Houston ice storm 2018

We caught the wind and the freezer effects while en-route from Seattle to VA near OKC. Burned up a tank of gas fighting headwinds.

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" Houston ice storm January 2018, my AMC cars frozen ha ha
" Yes, it will be 73 degrees by Saturday, but has been 25 or so all day, whole
" city has literally shut down!


we're at the other end of the storm up here and getting light snow,
but the temps are hovering about freezing - pretty normal for us.

this is after two weeks of single digits culminating with -4 a week
ago last sunday - freakish - followed by 60s and inches of rain last
thursday - also freakish - washing all the snow away.
Andrew Hay
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