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Re: [AMC-list] machine clone [was: Does anyone sell a 258 distributor rebuild kit?]

" From: adh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Sandwich Maker)
" " From: "Randall Main" <mainr29@xxxxxxxxx>
" " 
" " All,
" " I am building a Matador Machine Clone. I have 1973 two door "I know the
" " Matador Machine was only built in 1971". I have a 1972 standard four door
" " Matador for the clutch petal setup and a 1973 ambassador two door for the
" " front disk brakes and other upgrades. I have several 360 engines to choose
" " from. 
" " My question is the bell housing for the T10 transmission. I will be using a
" " floor shift. The four door comes with a T4 three speed attached to a six
" little toploader with a 4-bolt cover?  that's a t14, the only
" full-synchro stick that'll bolt straight to a '60s amc 6.

oops!  fading memory - t14 has rectangular 6-bolt top cover...
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