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I believe time to shut it down. Maybe in honor of John Elle who died a few months ago. He was sort of backbone of this amc-list stepping in to help 1000s of AMCers with questions, big and small. Always helpful even if problem had been commented on, still offered assistance. His collection of AMCs were taken to brothers place in New Zealand, inc late Valerie Fleming's 80 AMX, 75 Hornet Sportabout wagon and I believe a hatchback. Not sure what happened to the 70 Donohue.

I started a facebook group a year ago, has 5500+ people in one year, am humbled and honored (honoUred if Canadian) that grew so quick, so fast. Instantly put photos of which I recommend AMCs stuck to ground to American Cup winners, all good, feel free to join

Yes, old fashioned mailing lists dying out or DOA already. A few times I have been talking to myself on here. But not unusual to talk to myself ha ha. But figured if I posted a lead, or interesting tidbit on facebook, would post here too.

When I joined here in 1990s, stepped right into "What Is A Real AMX?" fight, and was surprised to see such a nice medium being used in a way like that, as someone from Alamo AMC San Antonio chapter told me to get on Jim Stone's amxfiles.com site and check it out, which I did, from a huge SRO sports bar near my apartment with free internet.

But everyone has gravitated to facebook, and I have a file on my site with some (but not all yet!) facebook groups am in:

A irony here is that we used to bitch and whine in 1980s how much AMC Hobby was fractured. Wars between different aMC national clubs, mostly Larry Mitchell's AMCWC against all others, 'fractured' us and could not unite. So fast forward into 2019, hell, there is over 50 aMC & Rambler related facebook groups, some for only one model, or year for instance!

Mitchell's club imploded in early 2000s, and in 2018, he died in a Jeep crash in AZ; while AMC NAMDRA group fell apart and is also gone as Jock Jocewicz died in 2018. We lost a lot of AMCers in 2018, Neil Perry, Garry Timmerman, the aforementioned John Elle to name a few, chances are some of ya'll can add to the list. But the old amc-list few people left, and sure, you ca still search for www.amxfiles.com but get HTTP ERROR 500
Problem accessing /c. Reason:  Server Error

But that site been gone for years, and even after it was gone, could still pull up on internet, and unfortunately had AMCers who no longer with us who passed into AMC Heaven in 1990s, 2000s like vendors Leo Charbonnet; Lee Fanning, John Slabe and Joe Lazur for instance.

Anyways, if I can figure out how to leave the amc-list I will, for some reason it still has my old email of eddiestakes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not eddie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx shortened by my new website host...over 2 years ago. Merry Christmas to everyone, as today is Jesus' birthday. And hope to see ya'll on my facebook or other facebook group.
Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days
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