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Dave, I can set you up to receive the list in Digest form (or individual e-mails, but it's a pain to get 10-30 e-mails a day instead of 2-3 digests). Or you can view the list from www.amc-list.com. Go to the archives and view by date. 

I don't know hat's wrong with the AMX-Files site -- I can get through to it just fine. If you can go to the main site try dropping Jim Stone an e-mail and send the error message. Make sure you're following the links from the main AMX-Files page (go to www.amxfiles.com and click on view archives). From the error message it looks like you might be trying to go straight to the page and have something in the address wrong. Could be a proxy that your e-mail goes through if you're doing this from work. 

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