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Re: [AMC-list] the domain....

One can go straight to the forum discussion by visiting:

tom jennings <itisasif@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

>>the URL for the AMC Forum is
>>note the "the". i dont know what is, it seems to be 
>>"parked" by one of those domain name scavenger sites.

There are some other online forum resources still available:

The Heritage Forum (appears to be unmaintained, but it's still there):

There was also a forum at but that has gone away although you can still pull some content up on the Wayback Machine:

Sure would be nice to harvest any useful information from these old forums and consolidate it somehow.

The dealership discussions, for instance, all have slightly differing information.  One forum dealership list will have dealers the others don't list, and vice versa.

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