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Re: [AMC-list] AMC-list Digest, Vol 118, Issue 1

" From: Ed Forrest <edwforrest@xxxxxxxxx>
" *"while i can see the value in facebook, connecting with far flung folks, *
" *" especially from the past, it's such a corporate cesspool i can't stand *
" I agree with Tom Jennings.   The real problem with Facebook is that
" engaging Facebook opens up all of us to everything!  There is no privacy.
" I signed off because my personal life was being broadcast by Mr. Zuckerberg
" to my business colleagues: business colleagues were not impressed with my
" other "friends"!!!     It's a real problem; see how Facebook stock is
" tumbling because "social interaction" is kinda like VD of the mind!!    The
" AMC-List...and others like it...were slightly ahead of their time.
" I have a Facebook account and their algorithms continually remind me that I
" have 99+ friend requests.   I have no friends on Facebook and am not clear
" it's the platform.
" One man's opinion...and Zuckerberg made $$$$ Billions.   Go figure.

users are the animals; zuckerberg and his ilk are the ranchers.
there's no privacy because all your little details are worth money to
their customers, and the more they can get you to spill the more they
can collect.

zuckerberg made billions selling your secrets to marketers who target

there will never be privacy on social media; their business model is
based on no privacy.  remember, users are the *product*.  social media
sites are honeypots designed to attract and trap as many users as
possible, to sell to their real customers - marketers.
Andrew Hay                                  the genius nature
internet rambler                            is to see what all have seen
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