[AMC-list] before amc-list goes bye bye
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[AMC-list] before amc-list goes bye bye

Hey kids, a AMC-List archives CD was being sold by Ralph Ausmann who is in the Portland AMC Club. It goes back to infancy from late 1990s, has every post from everyone ever on the list, good... and bad... but worth buying if you can get a copy of it for sheer knowledge that was on the list past 20 years.

I'll mention this one more time, everyone has gravitated to facebook (also good and bad ha ha) this is a partial list of AMC related facebook groups am in

this is my own facebook group 5700 people in little over year joined, and while it shows AMC aMX & Javelin 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 a number of other model folks in there, Rebel, Gremlin, so forth, feel free to join, instantly post photos, ask tech questions, barn find, you name it.

Thanks to all who contributed to the old amc-list thru the past several decades. I often wondered what ever happened to Jim Stone the founder of the amc list, as he sold his 68 aMX 343 many years ago. At one point he was battling Warner Brothers or some lawyers about the name 'AMX Files, as they said it was copyright infringement on the then popular X-Files tv show ha ha
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