[AMC-list] List going awar
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[AMC-list] List going awar

Sounds like the list maybe on the way out from the most recent posts I have seen.  I was wondering why all of a sudden there were quite a few list digests in my inbox. 
Well I guess all good things come to an end at some point.  I have been on it since about the time it started back in the 90s.  Met a lot of good people through the list and some bad.  We have all helped a lot of new comers over the years and have been helped so it has been beneficial for all.  I remember back in the day when we had somewhere around 1500 members and many daily discussions.  A day didn't go by without at least 50 or more posts.  This was before social media as we know it today and via email so that was a pretty good forum for its time.  
Does anyone know what ever happened to Jim Stone?  
AMCeeya later

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