RE: [gremlintime] electric fan conversion - who's used what type, locati
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RE: [gremlintime] electric fan conversion - who's used what type, location?

Do not waste your money by going to an aftermarket fan. I have used the
Ford Taurus (92 - 95) with great success. It worked good with an
adjustable thermostat (I forget the brand). The Taurus fan is 2 speed I
only used "high". Another one to measure up would be a 95 or so Chrysler
LHS, they had a dual fan arrangement that would be pretty slick if it
will fit on the core of your radiator.


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Subject: [gremlintime] electric fan conversion - who's used what type,

Just getting some ideas on switching to electric fan setup on
Gremlin(s), someone said it was worth a solid 15 hp by deleting
the old mechanical fan 
setup. I was going to repaint and use my mech fan again, but may
decide to go 
"hi-tech" and swap them all over eventually. Gremlins can use
all the extra HP 
they can get! LOL. Just wanted to know what anyone used, front
or backside of 
the radiator, etc, thermostat selection, what-have-you. Thanks,

Jerry with 8 Gremlins, none running right now...covered in icy
snow, too!

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