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Re: [gremlintime]Gremlin go-karts...factory item...

 Sorry, Wade, but if you want one, you'll probably be paying in the $1,500 
range for an original Gremlin go-Kart! LOL. THey are rare, and hard to find. 
They were offered by AMC as a dealership promotion, buy a Gremlin and get a 
go-kart for the kid. Don't know if the 'kart was free, or extra. Anyway, I saw 5 
of them at the 2002 Kenosha AMC show, the one you linked to, he was there, too. 
I got pics of his '71 Gremlin with his go-kart there, too. There was a red 
Gremlin Kart for sale, it was $1,500, I think, don't know if anyone took it 
home. Considering I can get FULL-sized Gremlins for under $300 regularly, it just 
ain't worth it to me to get a small one. :D 
I know there was one listed for sale at the Carlisle, PA swap meet a few 
years ago, another red one for $1,500. Might have been the same one. If I see 
the ad again, I'll write down the info for you if you want one. LOL. 
Hey, just about everyone has migrated over to BadAssGremlins on Yahoo 
groups now, very few left here at the 'Time...I think the moderator of this list 
is now missing/absent? No one's heard from him, and people trying to sign up 
have had no luck for months, so I sent them to BAG. You might want to go join 
that Group now. Lots more traffic on there than here now. AMC ya, guy.

Jerry Casper

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