Re: [gremlintime]Gremlin go-karts...factory item...
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Re: [gremlintime]Gremlin go-karts...factory item...

Er... I'm not so sure about your last statment. Gremlintime still has the most 
members according to the Yahoo membership list. I have noticed a big drop 
in postings too. I figure all you have to do is say something like......mmm..the 
PT Crusier is the modern AMC Gremlin and then you with get some feed 
back. JUST KIDDING. I'm not sure where the moderator is but I figure he as 
well as everyone else is probably busy with stuff. Well since no one else is 
posting I will give a progress report on my Gremmie. I got the 258 motor in 
and bolted up. It's not running yet. As soon as the wheather warms up enough 
I will be hooking up new hoses and wires as well as adding nice spanking 
new two barrel carb to da motor. This summer the plan is to get the 
mechanics completely worked over and then begin fixing the body. Perhaps 
by fall I can be applying a nice new shiney coat of minty fresh green paint.
I reworked a graphic I copied from the roof of a Hot Wheels Gremlin Grinder. I 
plan to have a vinyl graphic cut from it and have it applied to the roof of 
Double Mint Gremmie. My very own big Gremlin Grinder minus the big mill 
sticking through da hood. I also found a company that makes factory replicas 
of the stripe decals for Gremlins. 
I decided to apply the '77 model side stripe, the kinda funky double swoosh 
one. I know everyone thinks it is the most ugly stripe they made, but it 
happens to be my favorite stripe. The stripe will probably have to be altered a 
little bit because the front fenders on the '77's are shorter and styled different.
Luckily I happen to do graphics for a living and could actually remake the front 
stripe to fit the '76 fenders. When all is said and done I should be finished with 
it.........mmmmeh.. about 2050. Then my grandchildren can drive after they put 
me in an assisted living astablishment. tee hee.

> Hey, just about everyone has migrated over to BadAssGremlins on Yahoo 
> groups now, very few left here at the 'Time...I think the moderator of this list 
> is now missing/absent? No one's heard from him, and people trying to sign 
> have had no luck for months, so I sent them to BAG. You might want to go 
> that Group now. Lots more traffic on there than here now. AMC ya, guy.
> Jerry Casper
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