Gremlin alert
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Gremlin alert

We have a Gremlin alert. First: I watched Looney Tunes Back in Action. I liked 
it a lot. There is a yellow Gremlin in the first part of the movie. Close your eyes 
when you get to the part where they are in Vegas because It flys appart. I am 
so hoping they didn't wreck a perfectly good Gremlin for the movie.
Second: There is a small car set coming out with a Gremlin in it.
It is "Phat Boyz" , "Phast gas". The cars are like a Hot Wheels that has been 
squished and distorted. I think its manufacture is by "Special Wishes Inc.".
They also make other muscle cars sold individually and in packs, But the 
Gremlin is only in the Phat gas set. It comes with a little gas station and pumps 
'n stuff. They have not been released here in Brainerd MN yet; although I did 
find Phast Park a different part of the set that connects to the Past Gas set.
They are a new Item and I'll just have to keep watching the toy isle shelf till I 
see them. Oh, and they can be found at Wal-Mart and Target. :0
Happy collecting!

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