Re: a distant cousin
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Re: a distant cousin

I would love to have a Pacer. Unfortunatly, I don't have that kind of $$.
It's really too bad that AMC never put the rotatry engines in those. Could you 
imagine the imact they would have made? Instead I think the Pacer was 
competion for the Gremlin in it's day. I am glad they built them though, 
because they are now very big on the novelty car market. :)
If you really think about it the head of AMC must have been on drugs.
They had three cars under their own marque that competed with each other.
The Gremlin (the best, tee hee), the Pacer, and the little Matador. All really 
keen cars, but all shooting for the same market. It's almost like having three 
children and pitting them against each other to see who wins. Did not get 
them very far. They sould have taken the money they put into those cars and 
redesigned the Gremlin. They could have made a new four banger w/ front 
wheel drive and been waaaay ahead of themselves. Not mention they should 
have build that four wheel drive mini van they prototyped in 1978. We would 
still be driving AMC today if someone would have just stayed off the drugs. 
At any rate I heard the AMC marque has been resently re-copyrighted.
anyone hear anything about AMC making a comeback? I figure they might be 
just making retro goods to sell to AMC savoy people. But ya never know. 
These Gremmies are really coming back into popularity. Maybe in a few years 
we can exspect a retro Gremlin or (probably) a retro Metropolitan.
ohhhhh the posiblities.
Later, Kevin

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