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RE: [gremlintime] Re: a distant cousin

i hear ya kevin. i think the retro phase in cars is winding down just a
bit. mini sales are high but vw bug and cruiser sales ar way down. let's
see what happens with the "new" mustang next year

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> From: Kevin <grinding_gremlin@xxxx>
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> Date: 3/9/2004 9:52:15 AM
> Subject: [gremlintime] Re: a distant cousin
> I would love to have a Pacer. Unfortunatly, I don't have that kind of $$.
> It's really too bad that AMC never put the rotatry engines in those.
Could you 
> imagine the imact they would have made? Instead I think the Pacer was 
> competion for the Gremlin in it's day. I am glad they built them though, 
> because they are now very big on the novelty car market. :)
> If you really think about it the head of AMC must have been on drugs.
> They had three cars under their own marque that competed with each other.
> The Gremlin (the best, tee hee), the Pacer, and the little Matador. All
> keen cars, but all shooting for the same market. It's almost like having
> children and pitting them against each other to see who wins. Did not get 
> them very far. They sould have taken the money they put into those cars
> redesigned the Gremlin. They could have made a new four banger w/ front 
> wheel drive and been waaaay ahead of themselves. Not mention they should 
> have build that four wheel drive mini van they prototyped in 1978. We
> still be driving AMC today if someone would have just stayed off the
> At any rate I heard the AMC marque has been resently re-copyrighted.
> anyone hear anything about AMC making a comeback? I figure they might be 
> just making retro goods to sell to AMC savoy people. But ya never know. 
> These Gremmies are really coming back into popularity. Maybe in a few
> we can exspect a retro Gremlin or (probably) a retro Metropolitan.
> ohhhhh the posiblities.
> Later, Kevin
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