Re:glad to hear GT is NOT dead! ( GremlinTime, not GT )...Grinders
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Re:glad to hear GT is NOT dead! ( GremlinTime, not GT )...Grinders

 Well, seems like this place was dead, haven't seen a post in hardly ages. 
I"m still subbed into it, myself, too, but seems like BAG is getting " all the 
action" these days. I'll still be here, though, Kevin, seeing as how there 
are still folks here ( why miss out on Gremlin folk ANYWHERE?! :D ). 
Far as any Gremlin action at MY house ; not much. Been sick the last few 
weeks, with a virus that plays rebound - get over it, it comes back, get over 
it, it comes back. NOT fun. I did get a NEW Gremlin, though... a Grinder, a REAL 
fixer-up, roof smushed some, minor. It'll be taken down to metal and redone.
Speaking of Grinders, I saw a HOT one on Ebay last week, custom purple, 
with a different motor transplant. It sold for over $50. Wow. It was a super-nice 
resto Hotwheels, though! 
Hopefully if my sickness will let up, and the weather will warm up, I"ll be 
trying to install carburetors and other parts to get two of my Gremlins 
running again. Not holding my breath, it's gotten colder here in VA, and actually 
SNOWED yesterday, after our 70's spurt last week. Yikes. Back to scraping frost 
off the windshields. sigh. Have a good one, folks.

Jerry in cold VA

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